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The dangerous zone between a halfway house and freedom

In New York City, three-quarter houses, funded by public dollars, offer false promises and hazardous living conditions








The Ins and the Outs

Along one of New York’s most rapidly changing boulevards, a look below the surface exposes what—and who—is really driving gentrification in Crown Heights.

Co-written with Vinnie Rotondaro
2014 New York Press Club Award for Best Feature Reporting, Winner

The Sunday Morning Pigeon Men

The first of a two-part series about a pigeon store in Bushwick, and the men who frequent it.








Is Wikipedia going commercial?

It started out as the greatest free resource on the Web. But now the encyclopedia is drawing profit-seeking writers





Hailing in Flatbush

A ride in a dollar van.

Pedigree Pigeons

It seemed like a pastime of a fairy-tale New York that had long since disappeared. But, with a little research, I realized a thriving community of pigeon-keepers still existed in the city.




Hometown Boy

Tales of the unemployed: Madawaska, Maine







Moroccan Vote Puts Women’s Gains to Crucial Test

Morocco’s new constitution offers huge hope for gender equality, including combating a well-documented problem of domestic violence. New members of parliament elected Nov. 25, along with the king, will determine actual change.

For Cuban Women, Sundays Are for Protest Marches

Relatives of political prisoners in Cuba–many of them women–are fighting to curb abuses they say family members suffer during incarceration. One of the most prominent opposition groups, Ladies in White, meets on Sundays.

Pro-Choice Lawmakers Press for ‘Awareness’ Week

A group of female lawmakers yesterday pledged to introduce a resolution in their 15 states designating a week in January for awareness of reproductive rights. Some hope it will provide a rallying cry to pro-choice advocates nationwide.

Abortion Suicide Link Fails a Court Test

An appeals court struck a suicide advisory from a South Dakota abortion law, underscoring decades of research finding no link between the procedure and mental health disorders. But the idea of psychological harm remains active in several states.




The Post-Paper Mills

Two innovative companies are taking one of Maine’s former cornerstone industries—pulp and paper—into the twenty-first century. Sappi Fine Paper North America and Old Town Fuel and Fiber are not only leaders in the field, but they just may be the innovative bellwether operations that Maine has been waiting for.

Profile: Penny Jordan

Thanks to a network of tenacious farmers, eating local during the summer months is an easy option—and an enticing one. Cape Elizabeth’s Penny Jordan enjoys bringing her renowned vegetables to everyone in her community.

Tri for a Cure

Celebrate survival. Spread hope. Honor loved ones lost.

Profile: Deb Soule

With lessons learned in Asia and plants grown in Maine, Deb Soule educates and inspires those around her to enhance their quality of life with herbal remedies.

Location: In Land We Trust

A journey to Maine has always promised an escape into the woods, a breath of fresh air, and the opportunity to lounge on pristine beaches. Thanks to a network of grassroots conservationists this will continue to be true. Forever.




Rural Escape

At the Richmond Sauna get away from everything — including clothes.
(From The Phoenix’s print-only magazine: “Out in Maine.”)

Religious Rights: Portland’s Islamic Center Avoids National Debate




The Tooth Angels

An RV Carrying a dedicated team of hygienists travels from school to school on a mission to bring dental care to some of the state’s neediest children.




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