Riding Along With Milwaukee’s Counselors for Traumatized Youth,” BuzzFeed
In Milwaukee, and cities across the country, mental health workers partner with cops to heal those left in the wake of violence through a science-driven police reform that may be immune to Trump-era politics.

An Incubator for (Former) Drug Dealers,” Bloomberg Businessweek
Hustlers are entrepreneurs denied opportunity

Want to Clear Your Record? It’ll Cost You $450,” The Marshall Project
Some states look to the disenfranchised to fill state coffers by charging high fees to clear criminal records.
Also published in Vice

Restoring A Life After Clemency,” The Atlantic
A day in the life of a recently commuted great-grandmother adjusting to the free world after decades in a New York Prison, and a look at the infrequently used gubernatorial power to pardon.

Punished for Being Poor,” Pacific Standard 
An all-too-common story of a woman who would have either languished in jail for months awaiting trial or accepted a plea bargain—adding an unnecessary strike to her criminal record—with an uncommon ending: a charity bailed her out.

When Prisons Need to Be More Like Nursing Homes,” The Marshall Project
On out-of-the-box prison geriatrics. America’s prison population is rapidly graying, forcing corrections departments to confront the rising costs and challenges of health care in institutions that weren’t designed to serve as nursing homes.
Also published in Kaiser Health News, and picked up by Longreads

The dangerous zone between a halfway house and freedom,” Al Jazeera America
An investigation of a shadow housing market in NYC, funded by public dollars, where people with nowhere else to go are taken in—and are put on the curb at the house operator’s whim. (This story predates the NYT three-quarter house investigation by over a year.)

The Ins and The Outs,” Narratively
Along one of New York’s most rapidly changing boulevards, a look below the surface exposes what—and who—is really driving gentrification in Crown Heights.
Winner of the New York Press Club award for feature reporting.



How Prisoners’ Family Members Can Assist Overworked Public Defenders,” The Atlantic

Do Right-to-Carry Gun Laws Make States Safer?” The Atlantic

How Minor Probation Violations Can Lead to Major Jail Time,” The Atlantic

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We’re Trying to Create the Village Again,”  The Atlantic

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Simplifying How the Courts Seal Criminal Records,” The Atlantic

Campus Carry: The Movement to Allow Guns on College Grounds, Explained,” The Trace

Arkansas Revises Campus Carry Bill to Allow Stadiums to Ban Guns — If They Install Costly Security Measures,” The Trace

Guns in College Stadiums Are Still in Play in Arkansas,” The Trace

The Prison Where Inmates Help Each Other Die With Dignity,” Narratively

What’s Propelling Second-Chance Legislation Across America?” Pacific Standard

Gun Stores Hear a Bold Pitch at Top Firearms Trade Show: Suicide Prevention,” The Trace

Why Mentally Ill People Are Allowed to Buy Guns — Or Keep The Ones They Have,” The Trace

In sanctuary cities, immigrants find themselves with few real protections from federal officials,” PRI’s The World
Also published in The Week

20 years ago, asylum seekers were not automatically put in immigration detention ,” PRI’s The World

A migrant from El Salvador Gets Her Chance in Immigration Court,” PRI’s The World

In Milwaukee, Immigrants Watch As Their Controversial Sheriff Joins the Shortlist for Trump’s Cabinet,” PRI’s The World

Racist Hiring Practices Hurt Employers Too,” Pacific Standard

An Estimated 4.5 Million Women Have Been Bullied With Guns by Abusive Partners,” The Trace

Can Fact-Checking Take Down Demagoguery?Pacific Standard

The Top Gun Industry Trade Group Just Pledged to Help Prevent Nearly 10,000 Suicides,” The Trace

These High School Kids Are Helping Memorialize a Forgotten Lynching,” Mother Jones

Why America Needs a National Lynching Memorial,” Mother Jones

Riot Anniversary Finds Jews and Blacks of Crown Heights Facing Common Threat: Displacement,” City Limits

Who Do You Call When Your Rapist Is a Cop?Pacific Standard

A script for talking to your family about racism and police shootings,”  PRI’s The World

She’ll get US citizenship 60 years after being adopted, but thousands more must still wait,”  PRI’s The World

Foreign-born citizens in Louisiana had to take extra steps to register to vote — until now,” PRI’s The World

Workers may unionize — but not farmworkers. A lawsuit in New York seeks to change that,” PRI’s The World

Asian American activists get busy after a former NYPD officer gets probation,” PRI’s The World

Suicide Is ‘Forgotten’ in the Campus Carry Debate, Researchers Say,” The Trace

When the Old Sheriff Leaves Town,” The Atlantic

Campus Carry Law May Be Too Much Even For Georgia’s ‘Guns Everywhere’ Governor,” The Trace

A Reckoning in Philadelphia,” The Atlantic

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After Hope and Hype, Green Jobs Numbers Have Proved Elusive,” City Limits

A Hudson Valley Activist Brings Local Veggies to His Incarcerated Neighbors,” Edible Manhattan

No Pets for Pariahs”  The Marshall Project

The Sandra Bland Breakthrough,”  The Marshall Project

How the Law Will Adapt to Oregon’s Legalized Pot,”  The Marshall Project

The Corizon CEO on Losing Its Contract With Rikers,”  The Marshall Project

Why New York Dropped Corizon,”  The Marshall Project

Is NYC Punishing Educators Who Advocate for Sports Equity in Schools?The Nation

What Minimum Wage Hikes Mean for Small Businesses,” Inc.

Snow Challenges Cities to Keep Problem-Solving Winter,” Next City

Big Data Could Help some of the 200,000 NYC Households That Get Eviction Notices This Year,” Next City